Paula Gibbs, Palm Springs artist. She creates abstract metal wall art and mid-century modern wallMetal Wall Art

My modern metal wall art designs are created with the metal substrate in mind. Metal must be the reason for the design. Otherwise, I may as well paint on a canvas.

One thing all of my metal wall art pieces have in common is I always have the metal substrate revealed in some way. Whether it is peeking through the sanded paint layers of my distressed pieces, glowing though translucent vibrant paint layers, or boldly exposed hand-sanded metal of my mid-century modern pieces, I like to remind the viewer to look beyond the paint to the unique surface below.

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January 13, 2017 in Art Blog, Contemporary wall art, Metal wall art, mid-century modern art

Mid-Century Modern Art

You may be aware that I am currently developing a series of mid-century modern wall art pieces. If you weren’t aware, you probably are now. These contemporary wall art pieces are my interpretation of the overall style of the era. I just adore the mid-mod style. Apparently, so do many other people. Just come visit Palm Springs and see all the furniture stores dedicated to the style. And then there is Modernism Week, eleven crazy days of events mostly centered around…

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