Paula Gibbs, artistPaula Gibbs is an abstract artist living in Palm Springs, CA. Currently she creates wall art using raw sheet metal that is then mounted on a wood panel. Most of her pieces are very colorful. In her designs, she always has the metal shows through. In some pieces it glows from behind translucent paint, some it peaks through a heavily sanded piece, in other pieces lots of it is exposed with a distressed patina or it shares the space with bright color in an ultra modern design.

“I always design my pieces so the metal is visible. I like having my viewers look closer and try to understand what is going on in a particular piece.”, Paula says of her metal art. And that is usually what happens. Viewers tend to get up close and want to touch her artworks. She encourages them do to so as they ask how she made it.

Paula began working in art in 2012 after nearly dying as a result if a grapefruit-sized infection we discovered in her chest cavity. “If the “grapefruit” had punctured, I would have been dead in a matter of hours.” she tells about her experience. “After that very unpleasant hospital stay, I knew something was different. I had never even thought about creating art, my brother got the “artist genes”, not me.”

Penthouse Party by Paula Gibbs

Penthouse Party by Paula Gibbs

Paula spent the next two years exploring mediums. “I knew I wanted to do something unusual. I left the painting to the very talented artists.”, Paula jokes. She had always been interested in metal, but it was only in 2014 that she found she could manipulate sheet metal into beautiful wall art. Paula says, “Once I realized that there ware more possibilities than just the cold-feeling, very metal looking pieces, I was so excited!”

Paula sells most of her art online. “I like the idea of people from all over seeing my art. Although, I do very much enjoy doing Palm Springs Art Museum shows and gallery openings. Nothing like a fun party, I always say!”