Simply Mod

30″ x 36″ x 1.5″
Materials: Enamel paint on aluminum mounted on a wood panel
Category: metal wall decor

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I made this piece after Walk This Way, when I realized the yellow and orange pieces could make a great mid-century modern wall art piece. I adore just about anything mid-century modern. So I love this piece. I look forward to making more in this style.

Many of my modern metal wall art pieces are inspired by the weathered look of old discarded metal objects, maybe an old metal sign, or part of an old car. This is one of those pieces. Those discarded metal objects are perfect in their weathered state. This piece is perfect in its imperfection. There are little dents here and there in the metal, which are accented by the dark patina.
In this piece the tiles are slightly distressed, painted and sanded. This is one of my first pieces where I have a lot of metal showing. About half of the piece is exposed metal. The exposed metal has an interesting light layer of patina that I create through a process of painting and sanding.

This piece is made up of 120 painted metal, hand-cut, painted, and sanded “tiles”, which are attached to a cradled wood panel. I call them tiles simply because in many of my metal art pieces I use these small squares of rectangles of metal. Each one looks sort of like a tile.

My contemporary metal wall art is mounted on a cradled wood panel. It hangs from a wire and hook just like a canvas. The sides are finished in black.

Keywords: contemporary metal wall art, metal wall decor, modern metal wall art