Penthouse Party

24” x 48”
Hand-sanded exposed metal and acrylic paint on wood panel

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This is my first mid-century modern artwork. As I mentioned in my blog piece, My Mid-Century Art Line, for the longest time I have wanted to create a line of mid-century modern wall art pieces. However, it seemed my designs felt very contrived. That, of course wasn’t acceptable.

After patiently waiting for the right idea, I cast my eyes upon designs that gave me inspiration. I was off an running with a seemingly limitless flow of design elements I could combine in many pieces. I am very happy with how this first piece came out. It looks so fabulous on a white wall.

Big bold designs and colors in art, especially where red is involved, have always attracted me. So it was fitting that my first piece be just that, big, bold, with plenty of red.
My mid-century modern wall art pieces consist of acrylic paint on hand-sand aluminum. I sand the aluminum first using a power sander. Then I hand sand in a back-and-forth motion so the “grain” goes in one direction. I like the look the one-direction technique gives. It is a very clean look with a nice glow.

My modern metal wall art is mounted on a cradled wood panel. It hangs from a wire and hook just like a canvas. The sides are finished in black.

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