You may be aware that I am currently developing a series of mid-century modern wall art pieces. If you weren’t aware, you probably are now. These contemporary wall art pieces are my interpretation of the overall style of the era.

One of my mid-century modern wall art pieces unfinished.

Mid-century modern wall art piece unfinished. Contemporary wall art.

I just adore the mid-mod style. Apparently, so do many other people. Just come visit Palm Springs and see all the furniture stores dedicated to the style. And then there is Modernism Week, eleven crazy days of events mostly centered around the mid-century modern style… and cocktail parties.

So I thought an article on mid-century modern art and the style in general would be a good idea. Since I pretty much prefer writing only about my own art, the thought of writing an in-depth article on something not directly involving me sounded like an assignment I’d get on my first day in Hell, I choose to have someone else, a writer, create the article.

So here is an article from Amna Yousaf, a woman much smarter than me in this area.

Mid-Century Modern wall art design is seen literally everywhere today. This terrific amalgamation of mid-century and modern art is here to stay and rule our interior decoration for a long time.

The mid-century art has its roots in the timeline ranging from the 1930s to 1960s and its fusion with modern art is a treat to watch. To be honest, as a human being, we always look at the history for ideas and inspiration. We seek inspiration from the history not just in wall art or furnishings but in all aspects, whether it’s about dressing, footwear, makeup trend or even a hairstyle. We always bounce back to seek help from the past. This is exactly what happened here; the great blend made this mid-century modern art a great addition to our time period

The term mid-century modern art was first introduced by the renowned author Cara Greenberg in her famous book “Mid-century Modern; Furniture of the 1950s. The book and its content were a major hit, and soon the title and the term “Mid-century modern art” was adapted first by the designers and manufacturers.

Mid-century modern art has a lot of domains and categories. It covers furniture, wall art, architecture, industrial design, graphic design and what not.

    Architecture: The mid-century modern architecture is all over the place. The city of Palm Springs, California is the classic example; as a matter of fact, American approach towards this art is more organic and relatable than any other country’s approach. On a general note, the archetypal examples of mid-century modern architecture include Main Terminal at Dulles Airport located in Northern Virginia, National Congress of Brazil in Oscar Niemeyer and The 360 at Founders Plaza in Oklahoma City among many others.

    Furniture and Design: Mid-century modern design and furnishing is by no means the only furniture style that has bounced back into the style. The Art Deco style, the early American looks of Queen Anne as well as Chippendale among many others have been popular throughout the years.  Mid-century modern furniture and design is a hit because the new sellers and makers have introduced and embraced I the amalgamation very sophistically and gracefully. Mid-century furnishing and designing are simple yet elegant, and a touch of modern art makes its utterly timeless vogue. Furniture like egg chair, Grand Prix, Eames lounge chairs and Diamond chairs that you commonly see in your rooms are the products of this beautiful art.

    Graphic Design: The mid-century had the famous Linen type postcards. The idea and concept is still here with a few modifications and adaptations. The innovation allowed the use of more vibrant colors. As of now, the famous Curt Teich situated in Chicago is the largest and most successful publisher of Linen Type Postcards. Apart from Curt Teich, Stanley Piltz in San Francisco, Western Publishing in Los Angeles and Tichnor Brothers of Boston are among the other prominent publishers of Linen Type postcards. These designs have also been integrated with Mid-Century Modern wall art.

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